April Fool

The joke is on me. What a wonderful date I chose to do this to myself, again, after so long away.

This wordpress install was a pain. So much has changed to make everything push-button friendly. No html/sql/ftp/wtf/bbq knowledge necessary. I’d have installed it myself, but this stuff is too easy to hack if you do it that way. This theme was probably the least annoying to me. I’ll stick with it for now. Reminds me of sitting in the dark reading all night on usenet, with a modem on my Atari ST.

The world turned into a pretty fucked up place in such a short time, didn’t it? The fucks who fucked it keep fucking up everyone who tries to un-fuck anything, or make it less-fucked at least. I think I got that out of my system.

Deleted my Twitter, but @squarewaves still exists. Dead. Unused. Banned from Instagram for who knows why? Not me. This is a place I don’t have to bother with any unreasonable TOS, and the admin is me.

Did you read any of that? I’m sorry. This was a shitty post, but it is April Fool after all.

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