12/30/2004 10:25:06 PM|||sauceruney|||Just when I thought I had been experiencing 'tabbed browsing' to its fullest potential, an unrelated web search and subsequent mozilla plugin installation show me just how wrong I was. Bonus features galore!|||110446350698982571|||multizilla12/28/2004 10:19:29 PM|||sauceruney|||Feat. John Fucking Malkovitch as Stanley Fucking Kubrick

alternate trailer here|||110429036971665587|||Colour Me Kubrick
12/25/2004 10:43:19 AM|||sauceruney|||

Mystery of Mars rover's 'carwash' rolls on

11:26 23 December 2004
Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition
Philip Cohen

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity seems to have stumbled into something akin to a carwash that has left its solar panels much cleaner than those of its twin rover, Spirit. A Martian carwash would account for a series of unexpected boosts in the electrical power produced by Opportunity's solar panels.

The rovers landed on Mars in January 2004 with solar cells capable of providing more than 900 watt-hours of electricity per day. Spirit's output has dropped to about 400 watt-hours, partly because Martian dust has caked its solar panels.

Opportunity's output also declined at first - to around 500 watt-hours - but over the past six months it has regained power (New Scientist print edition, 30 October). Lately, its solar cells have been delivering just over 900 watt-hours.

Rover team leader Jim Erickson at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, told New Scientist that a process still not understood has repeatedly removed dust from the solar panels. "These exciting and unexplained cleaning events have kept Opportunity in really great shape," he says.

Whatever the process, it has taken place while Opportunity was parked during the Martian night. On at least four occasions over a six-month period, the rover's power output increased by up to 5% overnight. At the time, the team speculated that wind may have swept the dust off the panels or frost may have caused it to clump, exposing more of the panels.


Carwash? Maybe on our next rover excursion, one of NASA's best and brightest will suggest using a system akin to the one used by CART or F1 for cleaning the lenses of their on-board external cameras. How hard would it have been to include a simple wiper to clean the solar cells since they were so important to the operation of the rovers? I really don't care what process is removing dust from Opportunity because this episode only highlights this design flaw which needs to be addressed on future experiments. The fact NASA is scrambling for an explanation is making them appear even more foolish, in my opinion. Taking advantage of a natural process or fortunate events to save on future engineering costs, as opposed to designing the system to be more resistant to the obvious dust problem in the first place...

Which would you have chosen?|||110398940794372205|||please, NASA, the 'car wash' analogy is annoying
12/24/2004 11:21:21 PM|||sauceruney||| The art of Mario Martinez (aka MARS-1)|||110394848190318532|||MARS-112/24/2004 11:45:29 AM|||sauceruney|||I don't know how I could have forgotten John Fenderson's Cabal in my previous post, but that's okay because it deserves one all to itself. John wrote a neat bit of code which aggregates recent posts from all participating weblogs, and provides excerpts with links in a nice and diverse listing of internet goodness. There's an RSS feed as well.

Thank you, John! I don't believe I've said much to you about this at all and I'm very sorry about that. Great work!|||110390670535935801|||The Cabal
12/24/2004 11:24:18 AM|||sauceruney|||I need to check my referrals and technorati more often, because now I've found Corpus Mmothra linking me in their sidebar. Thank you, Markus!

On another note, in the past three (yeah, probably more) months of relative inactivity here, I've been graciously been given posting privileges at Invisible College, Dr. Hyatt's weblog, and the Digital Falcon weblog.

I hope I'm able to contribute something worthwhile, because I already feel bad I haven't had much to post (nor have I spent much time as of late) on the weblogs I already particpate in. Fortunately they each have their own, if not subtle, differences, so I'll be able to categorize and disseminate memes accordingly because I personally dislike cross-posting, and avoid it whenever possible. I prefer to draw people to a particular location.

I'd like to thank everyone for their blogging hospitality, and wish you all a happy & safe holiday season, and a felicitous New Year.

|||110390549013143338|||Corpus Mmothra and other weblogs of note...
12/24/2004 10:53:19 AM|||sauceruney|||Be sure your speakers are ON and you're ready for one of the most awesome, abstract flash animations in recent memory.|||110390359959728683|||Enter the Music Box12/24/2004 10:34:38 AM|||sauceruney|||
I saw a the link above posted at Newstoday and believe I found the most compelling reason I've ever seen for visiting Wisconsin. Google helped me find additional galleries here, here, here, and here is the official Land of Evermor site. Someone needs to get Tom Every together with Paul Laffoley (who I feel is in desparate need of his own web space, by the way).

The image was found at loosetooth.com and is 2003 Brandy Agerbeck. In addition to more Forevertron images, I found her project blog where she's crocheting a colorful tote bag out of plastic shopping bag strips, and a CafePress shop set up where you can get all sorts of things made with her artwork designs. There are some some pretty cool looking handcrafted items, too. I've found this a bit late for the holiday season though.|||110390245113161282|||The Forevertron and other neato stuff...
12/24/2004 09:32:00 AM|||sauceruney|||I usually don't post things that get blogged almost everywhere else I read, but the new Grey Lodge Occult Review #14 is up and available for download. I've found quite a bit of thought provoking and inspirational synergy collected together in this issue.

I might actually do something with all this over the holiday weekend.|||110389872061434059|||:: Antiquities of the Illuminati :: Grey Lodge Occult Review :: IDX ::
12/23/2004 11:54:36 PM|||sauceruney|||I was looking at the local news, something I rarely do anymore on this Internet thing, and found an article about Ray's MTB Indoor Park. It's 66,000 square feet of indoor biking insanity. His picture gallery is in flash and I'm too lazy right now to do screencaps and edit them in photoshop. So please, if you have any interest in mountain biking or just want to see the beautiful work they put into this endeavor, I strongly suggest clicking on this link (right here).|||110386404654226674|||A great thing for a wintery day...12/23/2004 08:22:23 PM|||sauceruney|||This was in my referral logs for some unknown reason, but hey, I'll call it serendipity.

I think it's an excellent project that should be persued on the order of the Apollo missions, but right now I'd rather have a rocket strapped to my ass than take a long, slow, if not a bit turbulent and twisty, space-elevator ride to the stars.|||110385137044716583|||LiftWatch.org: Space Elevator News
12/22/2004 11:20:06 PM|||sauceruney|||Can someone tell me how they're being hurt by downloading? Would it somehow been a more impressive record?|||110377560698935944|||So if Hollywood is 'poised for a record year at the box office'...12/22/2004 09:20:35 PM|||sauceruney|||
Subminimal is omnipresent. Subminimal is what we feel. Subminimal is what we sophisticate. This release should help during the introspection which commence a dialog with ourself. Indeed, the question of our intrinsic self is very intractable. The philosophy discusses several topics about the sophistication of our self very disputed. Does the Human has an intrinsic self, that is independently constituted by our society or is the intrinsic self an effigy of the established society the individual is acting in. My thesis is that the human has an intrinsic self, that we can't consciously access. This self I call it the individual creative capability. The problem we have is the access of this capability, of that we can fail. This process requires to turn off the consciously cognition and needs to turn on the unconsciously cognition. If this process succeed, we are able to deflect the creativity in an emotion we can and should attend, because creativity is what we are. Andreas Seibel (Dataman)

Found at SUBSOURCE netlabel for electronic music culture

In addition to everything at SUBSOURCE, you may want to check out the releases for download at THINNER/AUTOPLATE NETLABEL FOR VERSATILE ELECTRONIC MUSIC|||110376840452574399|||Dataman - Subliminal
12/21/2004 11:46:01 PM|||sauceruney|||Take more!

I'm not surprised something so relatively enlightened about drug use doesn't originate from within the good old United States of Acrimony.|||110369076136284420|||EXCESS ALL AREAS
12/21/2004 10:19:28 PM|||sauceruney|||Beautiful, insightful, astute, and required reading at Reason (linked above)...

On that note, I'd like to wish a Happy Holiday season to all who still visit, while I'm enjoying what's left of this Solstice evening.

|||110368559239541052|||Happy Holidaze
12/19/2004 08:53:23 PM|||sauceruney|||What effect does the death of the notion of technology have on our worldview?

Higher-Intelligence, after all the "scientific" discovery, may be ignored, but systems of nature already in existence address this situation to bury the possible mimicing of nature, or trying to be halted in its tracks by the childish without our (or someone's) help. We have no idea what we're really working with. Nanotechnolgy is one of the best examples.

See that UFO over there? Don't blink. It's viewed with the same disdain as they regard communication between differing schools of thought. It's forever balanced in a yin-yang dance around components in the hands of skeptics. Each side is the devil of the other, though the cage which holds us in this gravity-bound prison is comprised of overly pessimistic pundits. Unwilling opponents, save for their vague assumptions. The only thing they're open to at the moment is a space elevator.

You learn that the peceived manipulation and processing of the three dimensional universe exists, though particular grouping of consciousness need not reside within the quarks/protons at the core of those labelled as moderates. This has been disproved, but rests not on the fact sufficient data does not exist, but through the assurances of those in the ruling political party. Not in reality. There aren't enough bodies willing to examine this from within the group. Messrs. Lilly, Leary, McKenna, and Crowley have found it extremely hard to break apart, and the results of the Out Of Body Experience (OOBE) can be a personal catastrophe. Though most of you are unfit to judge those who have the experience as "hallucinatory". Our inability to percieve more than three chemists who had the foresight to realize their observational realm could lead to the funding of Nanoassemblers on the atomic level. The days of the "flat earth" have returned, contingent on the possibility that there's plenty of money to be made below here on Earth, as there is in Heaven, while postponing the actual process inevitably. It's a masterful exploitation of a very basic misunderstanding by venture capitalists. For all they're worth, their universe is accessible right from the forefront. In examining the demons of grey-goo and three-dimensional time/distance travel, legislators and venture capitalists wonder if the transition is survivable, but we can't just ask the pilot of that UFO.

K. Eric Drexler turned heretic through the efforts of others to protect themselves from applied science. What effect does this prescient warning have on the potential threat which wasn't totally seen in a proper light? Reverse-engineering any application of this "science" merely, and perhaps dangerously allows us to do things that nature wasn't able to do on its own. Fears of the ignorant? Or is the fear that progress in genetic engineering and molecular science would leave the layperson beliving scientists were tampering with nature?

It isn't up to anyone to prove that thoughtlessness is the center of our universe, though to figure out how it works without having physical and consistant opposition to each other would now be seen in the proper light. It taxes their time to test the door, if only to find it's been unlocked all along. Preferring instead to deal, dissuade, or evade the effort. Though this would save money in the long run, they prefer the magickal workings of public relations plotting.

The purse has been snatched for the "greater good", while lining their pockets with the spoils. One could argue this is to remain secretive. Even though you might want acceptance and integration, one sees forces who wouldn't hesitate to kill us. These are the people we need to displace. History's benevolent genius always gets the shaft. Discoveries only share enough of themselves with investors who seek Utopia over other people.

The fringes are, in reality, closest to the middle... even though you could argue sufficiently this group the politicians choose to appeal are the outermost rings. Do you think the group itself chooses scientific methods of observation? Politicians have been drawn to, or have generated, a world unconfined by those constraints. Like an atom, this political base has sufficient impetus to reach critical mass. At the outer edges of free-floating swing voters, thinking co-opted by materials scientists while trapped in this dimesional realm. Nanotechology would steal their greatest universal misconception, since manipulation of matter may be today's "geocentric universe". So in milking the cash cows of government with the concept that all points need to be moved to where you are standing... not brushed under the carpet of instantaneous four-dimensional travel, we come on board with the proponent of that UFO.

Propagandists remain behind the scenes, molding the perceptions of their narrow-minded compatriots. A good reason why some plans might need to be open to take advantage of this culture, though you must always watch your back for the momentum, as time and time again history has shown those who seek to capitalize on this to make the world nicer for your ancestors, won't get to rule. Free humanity is the enemy of wealth and power.

We are stripping the particle of valence electrons to display information. Through the convergence of Quantum Psychology in the brain, our minds serve as a conduit to this dimension. This is why religions will fail that do not S.M.I2.L.E. Their scope is limited. And followers cannot be persuaded to see beyond those boundaries. Their aim is to betray the human race in bowing to a creator. These false gods require man to die.

This is a cutup made from three separate pieces of text I had written. It was hand-edited by pasting and manipulating the blocks in Illustrator, then transcribing with as little addition or ommission as I thought possible. These pieces are assembled here. It's a bit of work, but I find the result preferrable to using one of the online generators.|||110350760420585636|||0000 0101
12/19/2004 01:01:24 AM|||sauceruney|||This one is right up my alley... handcrafted creatures made from electronic components and improvised robotics as sculptures in an art installation. Be sure to check out the video*.

*I was having trouble getting the video to play because of my quicktime settings. There are no visible controls so you have to click on the video image and hit your "enter" key if it doesn't start to play on its own.|||110343608433174923|||electronic life forms
12/19/2004 12:47:55 AM|||sauceruney|||I'm showing my age here, I think. Does anyone even use cassettes anymore? You don't need to know the language to figure out there are pictures of cassette tapes indexed by brand name off to the left hand side.

I used to buy TDK's almost exclusively. Don't know why, really, I just did.|||110343527545688217|||Project C-90
12/19/2004 12:38:40 AM|||sauceruney|||Funny... well, mostly funny cartoons involving the Alien and Predator in NYC.|||110343472074920261|||Alien Loves Predator12/10/2004 11:56:53 PM|||sauceruney|||an interesting and fun set of musical toys built in Flash|||110274097783953194|||repercussion12/10/2004 01:01:01 AM|||sauceruney|||Actually, I'd be happy just to sleep. I need to get up for work in less than 4 hours.
|||110265894186543196|||to sleep, perchance to dream
12/1/2004 11:18:27 PM|||sauceruney|||Somebody call me when this is $200.00...|||110196110779030859|||M-AUDIO - Ozonic - 37-Key Audio/MIDI Interface and Controller