9/2/2004 09:25:57 PM|||sauceruney|||I was imagining what a Republican protester would look like, and I envisioned this shirtless, elderly woman with "FLIP" and "FLOP" written on each of her saggy, wrinkled old tits, as she flailed them back and forth like pendulous wrecking balls in search of Democrats to demolish with their kinetic ferocity. The policemen shuddered in panic. More from the sight of it than any threat of bodily harm, and some were unable to acheive erections, even after months of therapy... It was a sad day for Ann Coulter, being arrested on her 93rd birthday.|||109417482311238460|||Strange thought for the day...9/2/2004 08:59:57 AM|||sauceruney|||I have a post up at Foolish People about a tentative signal received by SETI which may (or may not) be from an intelligent, extraterrestrial source. I'm pointing you there because, looking at my Technorati rankings and site referrals, I know pretty much that you who link me are my main readers, and I want to throw some traffic at John. I'm really excited about his Ruined Steel project, and regret that I won't be able to see it live, but look forward to at least seeing video of the performance.

Work and work-related apathy had overtaken me for a bit (as detailed vaguely in posts below) so I'd been neglecting my responsibilites and commitments at both FoolishPeople, and Key23. Key23 is another project I'm really excited about, and this is one I'm directly involved in. I know that a lot of you are visiting there, and I thank you for that, but I myself have been pretty scarce there lately and am in the process of making up for the absence. As far as my project(s) here at Sauceruney, well... they are what they are and seem to be blurring beyond the virtual borders I had foolishly imposed on them :)|||109413113767701619|||I am everywhere. I am nowhere.
9/1/2004 08:59:55 AM|||sauceruney|||A sammich just isn't a sammich without some Deep Space Mayonnaise...

#15 & #16 are brand new to me & you, straight from TransFatty.|||109404359545218671|||deep space mayonnaise 16 : big up william shatner