8/29/2004 10:15:44 AM|||sauceruney|||I have SIX Gmail invitations to hand out.

I will give them out to six people who send me pictures of themselves holding a sign with 'sauceruney' on it... or something to that effect. People who simply beg will be rescued last when I fly back from the far-future to save all my friends from the past... haha.

edit 8/29- Even if you already have a Gmail account (or don't want one), I'd still love to have your pictures holding a sign or whatever. This is a halfway-decent pic of me, just to be fair, right here.|||109378930765417137|||More Gmail invites
8/27/2004 02:38:51 AM|||sauceruney|||Well I've not had much to say, been busy, been wasting time offline, wasting time online and otherwise not getting too much of anything done at all...

Feeling blogged down has me digressing from where this weblog was headed and the posts have been more personal lately. I know most of you don't mind it, but that's not really what I wanted to have here. Things change, shit happens, and well... it's not that I don't care but perhaps I should just loosen up a bit and just put up whatever I feel like posting.

I'll be back visiting all of you who've been kind enough to link me, and even those of you who don't. There is no set schedule. No deadline. No ryhme or reason. Not here. To all of you who I have group blogs with, thanks for putting up with this lull in productivity and my general apathy towards doing much more than mindlessly hitting F5 while watching message-posts update at YayHooray. I've been playing in photoshop, illustrator, and teaching myself 3DS Max... I guess I'm done recharging now, and I'll be back to whatever you all perceived as 'normal'... oh, right about now.|||109358885117978107|||Look, over there... oh damn, he's back.
8/19/2004 04:27:34 PM|||sauceruney|||I haven't been posting much lately... been really busy... my birthday was Monday... and well, I just didn't want anyone to think I took an 8 month long pause like I did around this time last year.|||109294737460919553|||Oh, hey there...8/11/2004 09:07:07 PM|||sauceruney|||
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I'm home fine. Nothing a set of jumper cables and about 20 minutes of charging couldn't handle. If this truck had been manufactured prior to 1980, I'm pretty sure I could have drove it home without stalling in the first place. The computer shut everything down once it didn't have enough power to run.|||109227286352293130|||The marvels of modern technology
8/9/2004 09:42:53 AM|||sauceruney|||I think it's great there's now some real competition instead of just SpaceShipOne (SS0) going at it unchallenged... but I also think "which would you rather fly in" should be a judging criteria. And you aren't going to get me in that Wild Fire Mark VI (WFM-VI) thing, whether it works or not. It's a fucking torpedo... and will fall like a rock to the ground till you pop the parachute. The bare minimum to get you into space and back.

SSO is a space plane... it has wings to fly through the air and land at an airstrip. Most likely the popular consumer choice. It would be a shame to see X-Prize money go to further the development of a craft like WFM-VI that seems destined to fail in the marketplace, where the real competition ultimately lies.
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|||109205897323919490|||DaVinci team announces X-Prize flight plan
8/4/2004 09:55:26 PM|||sauceruney|||I just read Erik Davis' article at WIRED (linked on the headline) regarding the alleged features on Mars. I thought I'd show you all a couple of things I had done back when all this information was relatively new.

The top pictures are a cross-eyed stereo rendering of the "face" I did in Bryce. I used a shape from shading algorithm (photoclinometery) to derive a height map, and I calibrated it the best I could to data from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA). The orange-red coloring is artifical, of course, since the MSSS images were all B&W (full disclosure: there is a similarly angled view rendered by me in the most recent editon of Richard Hoagland's "Monuments of Mars". This was provided free of charge, but I did not receive the copy of the book I was promised). Is it an artificial construct? Probably not, but to say absolutely not would seem premature considering the level of data we've acquired so far. There was a time in our recent history when we thought the Native Americans incapable of building the earthen mounds which littered our landscape until someone had taken the initiative to excavate one of them. Before that time they were considered natural formations.

The animation below is a similarly rendered stereo view of one of the so-called "glass tubes". The area itself did not lend well to photoclinometry because of the uneven tones and dark soil, which would be considered shadows. Nevertheless, it's an interesting feature, and I haven't seen any similar renderings or analysis delivered by scientists for any features but that of the "face". If some guy with a low-grade 3D program can make fairly accurate models in a short period of time, imagine what people who do this professionally may have accomplished had they bothered to look. I don't make any claims as to what any of this is or isn't, because there doesn't seem to be enough information to move me off of "maybe". Why people feel they should commit to, or need, a definite answer with nothing to go on but scant remote sensing data, is beyond me. I wouldn't say the maneuvers taken by pundits on either side of this discussion resemble anything like the "science" I was taught in school.

President Bush wants to send humans to Mars. I just find it strange that the agency who would benefit most from this endeavor, NASA, is also the one who keeps coming up with excuses to tell us there's no good reason to go. I don't see a conspiracy. It seems more like institutionalized cowardice, to me. The NASA which took us to the Moon 30 years ago appears long dead and buried. Do they want to kill off all our hope as well?|||109167095274454278|||The right "fluff"?
8/4/2004 05:03:58 PM|||sauceruney|||
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|||10916534311970135|||more than you probably wanted to know
8/2/2004 02:40:59 AM|||sauceruney|||
|||109142891900905938|||t e l e k i n e t i c s
8/1/2004 08:55:41 PM|||sauceruney|||I have a new post online at FoolishPeople and there's quite a bit for me to catch up on elsewhere. I apologize to everyone for being pretty scarce lately, though the FP post explains a bit at the beginning.

Now I've some Key23 work to do along with something I'll hopefully be able to post here shortly.|||109140844151257130|||Truncated Universe