7/29/2004 09:49:52 PM|||sauceruney|||
|||109115219218260389|||Francis Crick 1916-2004
7/26/2004 08:32:28 PM|||sauceruney|||Eugene,

Eugene Myers wrote:

>I've been enjoying your site. I noticed a comment of
>yours over at Chapel Perilous that I seem like a
>sub-par John Titor. Honestly, I have no interest in
>being another Titor--trying to prove that I am "real."
> The ideas I'll be talking about are real enough.
>I just wanted to give a small defense of my site.
>Thought you might want to give it a second look, or at
>least not write it off completely.
>Eugene Myers

Please accept my apologies, Eugene. I do seem to have judged you harshly and hastily. I only skimmed through enough text to convince myself you sounded like Titor. I do have to admit that I felt the "tale from the future" being presented as take-it-or-leave-it truth, whether you're seeking believers or not... it does bear enough similarity. Would it not be foolish to believe you from the beginning of your tale? There may even be speculation arising that between you and John Titor, one may be an agent of disinformation, hoping to distract and manipulate opinion. You could both be part of a different time membrane in the many-worlds scenario. As open as my mind is to possibility, I should have reserved comment until you'd progressed further. I thank you for pointing out my error. I mean, seriously, as someone who sees the possibility of someday being a cyborg brain. Living in, and controlling a spaceship from the future... who the hell am I to judge?

I guess it's partially because I take issue with fate. To come and tell the world they have no choice, there is no tomorrow, there is no changing course... it doesn't sit right in my gut and I've come to trust it a hell of a lot more than perhaps a belly-brain should be trusted, but it hasn't failed me yet.

I re-read the Prologue and find myself agreeing with you here:
"I do, however, believe in an unconscious conspiracy--that is, scientists suppressed certain information privately, and perhaps even without intention, because certain ideas would make their life’s work seem like bullshit."
I sincerely look forward to reading the rest of what you've written, and your contributions in the near future.

And thank you for reading my site.

Best regards,

Chris Joseph|||109088934831340180|||An open apology to Eugene Myers
7/26/2004 01:04:39 AM|||sauceruney|||I started a separate space, just to give blogspot a try. I was showing someone how easy it is to set up and figured I'd post all the really weird spontaneous poetry crap... over there.

Then, you know that '23' button at the top of my page that didn't do anything? It was put there for a reason, I just had no idea what it was for, myself, until a few weeks ago.

There's a lot going on, to be sure.|||109081869912127432|||clicking on links
7/23/2004 09:48:02 PM|||sauceruney|||Olivia has made a shiny new stylesheet for Bsti at Chapel Perilous! Giant purple octupi and all...

Nice work!|||109063392217371155|||Shiny Upgrade at Chapel Perilous
7/21/2004 10:19:22 PM|||sauceruney|||I've been invited to contribute a weekly column at FoolishPeople so John Harrigan can concentrate more fully on his upcoming prodution of "Ruined Steel". If you have a moment, please, spend a few minutes looking over their interesting weblog.

(Here the title refers to the fact that as long as you're alive, it's never too late to start being a verb instead of a noun... there it's self referential to the article as a whole... and I told John it would have been posted six or seven hours earlier).|||109046278800773828|||Better late than never at all...
7/18/2004 10:54:23 PM|||sauceruney|||The website for the Aleister Crowley movie in pre-production just went live on Friday.

Don't forget to enter the contest.

I chose Crispin Glover for Aleister Crowley and Gary Sinise to be Bram Stoker. I see them both bearing similar resemblance to the characters, and their acting ability has been proven in a number of excellent films. Perhaps neither of them are young enough for the intended roles. Who knows. I just don't think I want to see Ashton Kutcher in it.

Thanks to LVX23 and Easy Bake Coven for the link.

EDIT: Bsti's post at Chapel Perilous was motivated by the initial announcement, and there are an additional 28 comments related to who we think should be in the movie.|||109020569885217234|||Revolt of the Magicians: Young Aleister Crowley
7/18/2004 01:15:03 PM|||sauceruney|||Hell yes, but we'd be doing even better if we'd never stopped going.|||109017090376416990|||Are we better off 35 years later?7/18/2004 01:37:57 AM|||sauceruney|||More of you need to be reading Vortex Egg. I need to be reading more of Vortex Egg.|||109012907793787607|||Vortex Egg7/17/2004 01:37:57 AM|||sauceruney|||

Drawing no-thing but blanks,
and I can't even draw those,
have I truly thunk my last
significant thought
long agos?

Am I caught in a loop,
looking for the
right place to
the track?
Will I ever get
my mojo

Stupid fuck - Look around...
it was never a
winning cause
Just a lost pause
(that was) never picked up
and Played.

A length of rope
I've lost
my hope
(no, the rope is
for us to see
for it binds
as it blinds)

fuck the blings
and all their
their truth has been

Project Paperclip
the Nazi
Was never
shut down
(and you thought
Gacy was a

There were never enough choices
for me

The river of choice
in the see.

All hope is not dead.
Death's all in
your head,
like your soul,
it's been stuck
up your ass

The Greys
They need genetic
It may help them

We need
the brains
to do likewise.

Fuck this method
of stealth,

 |||109004272322999569|||Post Toasties
7/14/2004 09:52:12 PM|||sauceruney|||I think it's a) too many hours spent looking at this screen and b) getting nailed in the eye with a laser this afternoon (occupational hazard, and they won't buy me the $330 safety glasses either).

I've had weld-flash damage before. It feels like there's fiberglass in your eye. This is just like that now.

I'm going to be offline for a short while.|||108985664480234621|||my eyes hurt, I hurt my eye, my eye hurts
7/14/2004 02:12:58 AM|||sauceruney|||Another Simpsons script is online at Dr. Menlo's Gimmicky.org site. He hasn't posted anything in a long while, hence my post title and breaking from general format around here.

I'm allowed a personal post every once and a while, but I'm going to keep them contained here in the future.|||108978557826415305|||It's about damn time, Menlo...
7/13/2004 01:40:19 AM|||sauceruney|||In one place I'm spelled Saucerney, another couple of folks spell it as Sauceruny... I don't mind at all. In fact, it's quite interesting. On message boards it's been misspelled Sauceraeny, among other things, and another blog even left the 'S' off my name for about a week. I've made the same mistake with other people's screen names. And I've seen others make similar errors... It's all a part of getting through the day.

How many things do you assume are correct but really aren't at all? You have no way of knowing until the realization hits you, and that may never come.

If and when it does, just remember to laugh if it doesn't kill you. Why should we take little things like this seriously, after all?

I just hope the President doesn't mistake the 'launch' button for 'lunch' someday.|||108969811594413376|||perception is 90% of the law
7/10/2004 02:25:34 PM|||sauceruney|||Just when I thought I already had too much to read, LVX23 points the way to something I'm bumping to the top of the list. If only I could bring my computer with me today.|||108948393435268410|||Hyperstition7/9/2004 08:36:59 PM|||sauceruney|||Psychic debate has been constricted at his lip corners. The Major smiles and pats the top of the teleprompter.

It finally dawns on the American people: Nothing is supposed to be a vacation, but who needs this sort of crap?

"Maybe the man who was sounding the alarm?"

"No. He threw it all away."

"What is this stuff?" Marilyn found it was almost possible. "You know what? Even with the cookbook instruction, there was still no form."

Pat thinks he hears civilian panic. "This was not just to see me do my Air Force regulation. See me do it once before the show...
"Marilyn, when the object is in position..."

Her eyes will analyze the data. She has it all down, the many unknowns involved. Taking necessary deceptions and no process... thats what UFO's were...

Alaskan Earthquake, Dec. 24, 1959.

"There it is again!" Flaming, sometimes treated lightly... unfortunately can't be 'flying saucers' - must be all that goddamn smoke!

Serious USAF Business: EYES OFF

Locked-in: official secrecy about UFO's.

He sits down and then the audio went dead. Reception was impossible. This thing could have been done in 100,000 years. But then, you could fit that sneaky Nixon into a suitcase in less time.

"What about 'suitcase SETI' for God's sake?!"

The parameters went a little overboard before the show. His being allowed to read made him look like an edited version of what he really was. George was only making vague suggestions because they like the headlines. Once in a while, though, the whole nation was listening.|||108941981052703728||| 0000 0100
7/8/2004 11:03:50 AM|||sauceruney|||I can feel myself thinking, checking, evaluating, and even second-guess editing these words as I type them. How many have memorized the keyboard enough that you feel confident looking at the screen more than the keys themselves, if at all?

How much control is too much, and how little is not enough? How do you know you're truly alive and not merely some flesh-bound cell machine going through the motions you've been trained in from birth, playing a role so convincing that you've even fooled yourself into believing you have free will?

In the act of breaking rules to prove you aren't bound by them, are you merely fitting yourself into another mold bound by its own set of rules and control devices yet to be discovered?

So when are you truly free?|||108929951082766968|||More than sombunall, but less than others?
7/7/2004 10:18:01 PM|||sauceruney|||Adobe® Acrobat® PDF file.
Link via | El Centro
|||108925366122544722|||Playing Poker Without Cards
7/7/2004 07:55:51 PM|||sauceruney|||Ever since I saw his cover artwork used for the Presage: Outer Perimeter album, Doze Green has been among my favorite artists.

|||108924453745821420|||Doze Green
7/5/2004 12:19:22 AM|||sauceruney|||Your search - nanotechnicality - did not match any documents.
No pages were found containing "nanotechnicality".

Your search -nanotechnicalities - did not match any documents.
No pages were found containing "nanotechnicalities".

I think the definition of this one should be self-evident. I'm surprised it didn't show up at all, to be honest. I thought for sure that Howard Lovy would have beat me to it. Shouldn't be long now before the spiders catalog this post and the empty search results are gone forever.|||108900119425044627|||Coining new terms with search-engine verification
7/3/2004 12:04:12 AM|||sauceruney|||Computational limitations of imitation situation construction.

The AI mind needs sufficient overhead to remain viable.

The 4th dimension exists within mind.
A computer mind is required to construct
a consistent dreamtime. A human mind
will UBIK one real good if used instead.

Death inside the construct is not
possible unless the construct is
destroyed. The memory of the construct,
if intact, will hold the reality model
in suspension should power or other
processes become lost or damaged.

Death outside the construct results in
assimilation - whether from the Last-Visit
Image (LVI), or from the Current-Resident
Image (CRI).

LVI entities are personality constructs that
are trapped within the main AI. They are virtual
doppelgangers kept up to date with all your thoughts
and memories as long as you are alive. They are you,
but you are not them.

CRI entities are essentially LVI's with living
external data feeds. The main difference between
LV and CR Images is the CRI's have a way out.
This affords them limited status.

AI monitoring of individual
tunnel-reality causes the
construct to be created.

Alternate scenarios are run-
Connections between CRI's are

Parallel dimensions are actually
simulated in better than real-time
and tested against incoming
CRI data. Trouble is identified
and neutralized.

When the construct goes into dreamtime
LVI "ghosts" appear to CRI observers.
Dreamtime can also be a constant state
of machine awareness for those CRI in
coma, NDE, OOBE, or other traumatic
experience.|||108882760117529265||| 0000 0011
7/1/2004 01:44:54 PM|||sauceruney|||I love finding cool things, and this is surely one of them.

Check it out...|||108870389403207397|||phaneronoemikon
7/1/2004 08:46:21 AM|||sauceruney|||"America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil before the settlers, before the Indians. The evil is there waiting." - William S. Burroughs

SALT LAKE CITY - For more than 50 years, rancher Waldo Wilcox kept most outsiders off his land and the secret under wraps: a string of ancient settlements thousands of years old in near perfect condition.

Hidden deep inside eastern Utah's nearly inaccessible Book Cliffs region, 130 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, the prehistoric villages run for 12 miles along Range Creek, where Wilcox guarded hundreds of rock art panels, cliffside granaries, pit houses and rock shelters, some exposing mummified remains of long-ago inhabitants.

The sites were occupied for at least 3,000 years until they were abandoned more than 1,000 years ago, when the Fremont people mysteriously vanished. The Fremont, a collection of hunter-gatherers and farmers, preceded more modern American Indian tribes on the Colorado Plateau.

What sets this ancient site apart from other, better-known ones in Utah, Arizona or Colorado is that it's been left virtually untouched, with arrowheads and pottery shards still covering the ground in places.

"I didn't let people go in there to destroy it," said Wilcox, 74, whose parents bought the ranch in 1951 and threw up a gate to the rugged canyon. "The less people know about this, the better."

But the secret is out after federal and state governments paid Wilcox $2.5 million for the 4,200-acre ranch, which is surrounded by wilderness study lands. The state took ownership earlier this year but hasn't decided yet how to control public access, said Kevin Conway, director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

|||108868596569039677|||4200 acre Utah ranch hides 3000 year old settlement ruins