6/30/2004 03:15:07 PM|||sauceruney|||
The emergence of gravity and dark energy/matter from the cohering of zero point energy.


Ordinary matter made from real on-mass-shell lepto-quark fermions and gauge force bosons only accounts for approximately 4% of all the large-scale stuff of our universe, which may be one of a infinity of parallel universes in hyperspace that we call “Super Cosmos.” I propose that the remaining 96% of our universe consists of two forms of partially coherent exotic vacuum dominated by a condensate of bound virtual electron-positron pairs. Einstein’s gravity emerges from the variations in the macro-quantum coherent phase field of the condensate. This condensate is the inflation field in the large-scale cosmological limit. Both dark energy and dark matter are simply residual total zero point energy densities that emerge from the vacuum condensate’s intensity variations. Approximately 73% is anti-gravitating zero point “dark energy” density with equal and opposite negative pressure that is causing our universe to accelerate in its expansion rate. The remaining gravitating 23%, called “dark matter,” is also zero point energy density with equal and opposite positive pressure found concentrated in large-scale structures like the galactic halo that prevents our solar system from escaping into inter-galactic space. Astrophysical scale geon structures of w = -1 dark matter simulate w = 0 CDM in terms of their gravity lensing. Therefore, dark matter detectors can never click with the right stuff to explain only with false positives. Supersymmetry partners whizzing through space cannot explain the dark matter in this theory, nor should gravity be quantized in the usual way. The electron, as a Bohm “hidden variable” on the micro-scale for example, is a spatially-extended structure whose self-electric charge repulsion, Casimir force and repulsive spin rotation are balanced by the strong short-range zero point energy induced gravity from its exotic vacuum core. The electron, and the quarks, shrink in size, up to a certain minimum, when hit with large momentum scattering transfers from strong space warping that makes their surface areas small compared to what they would be in flat space for a given radial distance. An experimental appendix by Ken Shoulders on "exotic vacuum objects" or "EVO" charged geons made from large numbers of electrons glued together by zero point energy is included. The zero point force holding as many as one hundred billion electrons together is not the QED Casimir force, which may even be repulsive, but is the strong short-range gravity force induced by the zero point energy by the entirely different process of Einstein's general relativity omitted from the flat space-time QED calculations. These EVOs show anomalous motions and energies that seem to be examples of Alcubierre's "warp drive" and "cold fusion" respectively.
Another link via | Jack Sarfatti
The file linked above is in MS Word format, but opens just fine with OpenOffice. 80% of it is over sumbunall our heads, anyway. There are some pictures toward the bottom of work done at NASA, but you have to be a diehard dork like myself to even find them interesting.|||108862408616721239|||WHAT IS THE UNIVERSE MADE OF?
6/29/2004 11:00:43 AM|||sauceruney|||Authors: Christian Beck, Michael C. Mackey
Comments: 4 pages, 1 figure
Subj-class: Astrophysics; Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect
The experimentally measured spectral density of current noise in Josephson junctions provides direct evidence for the existence of zero-point fluctuations. Assuming that the total vacuum energy associated with these fluctuations cannot exceed the presently measured dark energy of the universe, we predict an upper cutoff frequency of nu_c=(1.69 +- 0.05) x 10^12 Hz for the measured frequency spectrum of zero-point fluctuations in the Josephson junction. The largest frequencies that have been reached in the experiments are of the same order of magnitude as nu_c and provide a lower bound on the dark energy density of the universe. It is shown that suppressed zero-point fluctuations above a given cutoff frequency can lead to 1/f noise. We propose an experiment which may help to measure some of the properties of dark energy in the lab.
Full-text: PostScript, PDF, or other formats.
link via | Jack Sarfatti
|||108852120672460391|||Has dark energy been measured in the lab?
6/27/2004 01:49:16 AM|||sauceruney|||
This is my submission. I hope he likes it.|||108831535628082044|||die puny humans: new site logo time
6/25/2004 12:42:25 AM|||sauceruney|||If you see a spinning saucer when you visit this page, please hit your refresh button and take note of the included text.

Thank you and good night.|||108813854528746266|||public service announcement
6/25/2004 12:25:16 AM|||sauceruney|||Klint's been catching up on his blogging over at technoccult. Good to see him back posting again after his travels.|||108813751656597652|||welcome back6/24/2004 07:05:08 PM|||sauceruney|||This day marks the 57th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's flying saucer sighting over Mt. Ranier.

Thanks go to Mac for the reminder.|||108811832779683576|||resembling saucers skipping over water...
6/23/2004 10:51:26 PM|||sauceruney|||I had to post this link to STELARC's site because I had just seen him on Mac Tonnies' Transhumanist page, and a few minutes later I make my way over to Clifford Pickover's Reality Carnival where he asks "who you would most like to have dinner with?"

Stelarc isn't my answer, he's just synchronicity of the day.

23 skidoo, y'all.|||108804550637166032|||S T E L A R C
6/22/2004 09:25:31 PM|||sauceruney|||News makes its way around but is it doing so as efficiently as it could be? Are things being filtered that you ought to be reading?

I've found Blogdex an interesting site to peruse for articles outside of the sites I visit daily. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for things to show up there, and other times it catches them right away, but what's more interesting are the things I've missed entirely.

Signal to noise ratio
Propagation delay

I feel like I'm experiencing the world through an operational amplifier.|||1087953942231045|||propagation delay
6/22/2004 07:08:44 PM|||sauceruney|||Potentially a lot of reading and link-following if you want to grok this one. Worth the effort, I would say.|||108794572436334839|||The computer's hidden history (Signal vs. Noise)6/20/2004 09:33:45 PM|||sauceruney|||The Weavers wasn't what anyone really called them. If you'd even have a word for what they were within the next 100 years, I'd be surprised. Nanoassemblers would be an even better comparison, though the word seems too menial. Mechanical. A certain craftsmanship was inolved in their weaving, exhibiting individuality and pride. They weren't human by your standards, but neither were they inhuman.

Your skeptics scoff at psionic, or psi, powers of the mind. Their world is material, and their minds can only interact with this world through material means, yet your scientists are beginning to discover evidence where it appears mind and matter can interact with each other at the quantum level. The Weavers worked in dreamtime, where they built and moved atoms, engineered molecules, and folded complex protiens. They even built and programmed quantum computers, among other things. Their groups worked in orchestral precision, making raw materials and symphonies of data for use in everyday waking life.

Theirs was the candle that burned at both ends, but it was thrice as bright.|||108778358526189018|||past presence - presence past - 0000 0001 0000 0010
6/19/2004 11:23:57 PM|||sauceruney|||

The purpose of mnemonic containment is to isolate an artificial intelligence from the outside world so it is unable to 'live' there and potentially dominate over human intelligences. It is therefore disoriented by handling data encrypted in such a way as to render the result meaningless to the system, but not to it's final interpreter.

M-Nemonic Labs had developed this containment system in anticipation of an eventuality: That of quantum-mechanical artificial sentience and the various forms in which it may arise. Currently, three of the twelve models predicted have achieved sentience, and four more may prove correct before the end of this decade. Perhaps science is following what some are calling a script of safety in developing these models to fruition, but none so far have been able to expand on the impeccable foresight of the late Franklin Kippage.|||108770341900445030|||jump to the future 0000 0001
6/19/2004 09:10:34 PM|||sauceruney|||

These things look pretty neat.
|||108769383457341527|||5inch.com: self adhesive CDR hubs
6/19/2004 01:51:41 AM|||sauceruney|||I was relaxing, looking at zeldman.com and found this link that has me thinking of some interesting possibilities.

I always do this in some way or another. I get a few basic ideas and look around at some of the latest techniques being applied. I then think about ways to apply them to what I'm working with. Sometimes it works, though often I set things aside and they can even give rise to new ideas later. Sometimes I'll make something just to use a technique so I can learn it and commit it to routine knowledge more quickly.

I had already been thinking about using this in an idea for a side project. That was something I read more than a month ago.

I just sent a suggestion to Google to integrate Blogger post functions into Gmail. I send email to myself all the time. Personal notes, ideas, etc... a much more organized way of keeping track of my thoughts and ideas than slips of paper or individual text files. I think it would be great if I had the option to post it on my blog, or as a draft, instead of having to go through the extra work of opening another window, doing a copy-paste, and then editing. It would also save a bit of load on Google's server farm.|||108762496123858585|||still thinking of things
6/18/2004 11:45:27 PM|||sauceruney|||...may become known
when someone
starts asking
the right questions.|||108753486726526639|||Alien Intelligences...
6/17/2004 08:38:45 PM|||sauceruney|||does that mean the disciples ate Sufi?|||108751914214062361|||If Jesus was a fisher of men...6/17/2004 07:48:52 PM|||sauceruney|||...as a distributed system.

How many minds are working on which problems?
Which problems need more brainpower?
How is information being shared between systems?

One may participate in the hive mind, yet retain their individuality. Groupthink should be taken in moderation. Too little may lead to nothing. Too much could lead to even less.|||108751609534097629|||UNIVERSE...
6/15/2004 10:33:24 PM|||sauceruney|||Word of the day google search

I don't like to go into long essays about things when other people have done so much already

My opinion is meaningless to anyone but myself, because we each have to find our own truths in this world. I'm the last person I'd wan't anyone to follow.

Decoherence is what I've been feeling. Your results may vary.

Don't take my word for anything.

Think for yourself.
Question reality.

Kirk out.|||108735322236078396|||decoherence
6/15/2004 10:03:14 AM|||sauceruney|||I have two invites no invites left to give out, and I know that most everyone who uses blogger should already have one if they wanted it. So are there any others out there who may want one?
I'm not going to sell them or take material items in trade, but I'd like to see some inventive use of the free resources we have at hand on the Internet. So if you want one, let's see some creativity... or maybe a surprise or two?

The deadline... Monday the 21st as soon as I wake up and have some coffee. (the deadline was whenever I felt like it! being now unless I get some more) edited 6/16/04

This will be my only post until then.

(5:45 pm edit... feeling kind of burned out on this right now anyway, so not posting till next week should be a good thing. I'll still be checking comments though.)

edited 9:21 pm
|||108730865893061344|||Anyone want Gmail? nevermind - cancelled due to lack of interest
6/14/2004 10:18:58 PM|||sauceruney|||I don't know why I'm posting any of this other than I spent so much time working on it, I may as well put it here...

One time I did a site for a local microbrewery...

Here I was just playing around with a CD from a local metal band.

A friend asked me to put together something for a local nightclub which never ended up being used. In fact, I had done something else for the previous owner through my same friend, and it never ended up being used either.

I'll just post links here as I get everything up online and eventually it'll all be cataloged somewhere.
|||108726646759315532|||miscellaneous debris
6/13/2004 12:24:55 AM|||sauceruney|||In my own non-conformist way, I'm conforming with the addition of my links area. A click on the asterisk * button will toggle the display, and there is a link within to turn it off as well.

I just copied and pasted the links I had posted in an earlier 'thank you' to everyone who's linked my page either in their sidebars or as a link-via. I still have a way to go till its done to my liking, but I wanted to see if my idea was going to work at all.|||108710093545766553|||check the asterisk button ^^^^^
6/12/2004 10:54:27 PM|||sauceruney|||

About TransVision 2004

Transhumanism is a nascent approach to bioethics, futurism, art and culture whose adherents affirm the use of technology to overcome the limitations of the human body. Transhumanism, as both a philosophical and cultural phenomenon, has experienced exponential growth worldwide in recent years.

Presently two international transhumanist organizations exist, the World Transhumanist Association and the Extropy Institute, both of which publish online journals, while supporting and promoting the work of transhumanists around the world. There are local transhumanist groups in many countries, discussion groups in many major cities and a proliferation of transhumanist discussion lists. A growing body of transhumanist culture is being published on the web as well as in books and journal articles.

Transhumanism has been implicit in the writings of many humanists, futurists and ethicists for centuries, but the trend has only become visible with the emergence of transhumanist groups, journals and books in recent years. And transhumanism has only recently acquired critical viability now that the breadth, power and scope of 21st century biotechnologies and their inevitable impact on the human condition is becoming widely apparent.

Cloning, stem cell research, cybernetics and other novel reproductive and health technologies illustrate the rapid pace at which society and culture are changing. Our sense of who and what we are is rapidly expanding and diversifying, as are our means of expression and self-actualization. Consequently, an exciting and provocative new community of social activists, artists and cultural facilitators is emerging. As art and life continue to reflect and create each other, both are changing as we move into a posthuman form and into a posthuman era.

TransVision 2004 seeks to capture and highlight these trends by bringing together a wide array of transhumanist thinkers, artists, scientists and ethicists. In a celebration and investigation of the new culture, TV04 will provide captivating and avant-garde performance art and exhibitions, in concert with academic discussions, debates and presentations.

This conference will also provide an opportunity for transhumanists and the broader community of concerned and interested participants to come together to critically discuss and analyze the radical potential for life in the posthuman world. Experts from around the world will offer perspectives on the posthuman condition in consideration of recent advances in cybernetics, artificial intelligence, genetics, nanotechnology and life extension.
There are a few of you who read my page that I'm absolutely sure should submit entries of their work. Hurry up though, the deadline is July 15th.

Thanks for the heads-up, Mac!|||108709528566405741|||TransVision 2004
6/12/2004 12:50:05 AM|||sauceruney|||This site combines a few of my favorite things. Pictures of abandoned places, graffiti art, surreal and organic Flash, and ambient music. You can tell a lot of hard work went into this.

You can rush through the rooms if you like, but I'm quite enjoying the ambience of a few of them. Hell, I even lit incense and candles... shut off the lights... put on my headphones...

|||108701585667282299|||n i n e t y - n i n e R o o m s
6/11/2004 01:28:33 AM|||sauceruney|||I think I found out why IE hates parts of my page, but I'm too damned tired to fix it right now.

6/9/2004 10:35:00 PM|||sauceruney|||These FoolishPeople put me in their blogroll...

To borrow a term from my friend, Bsti, over at Chapel Perilous, this here is a shiny, shiny site. Very nice people of a similar mindset that I'm very surprised not to have run across earlier.

Thank you, FoolishPeople! And thank you Weirdpixie, for finding them!|||108683490016731541|||FoolishPeople
6/9/2004 06:50:03 PM|||sauceruney|||
Kieren McCarthy, Techworld.com
09/06/2004 08:28:25

Two new vulnerabilities have been discovered in Internet Explorer which allow a complete bypass of security and provide system access to a computer, including the installation of files on someone's hard disk without their knowledge, through a single click.

Worse, the holes have been discovered from analysis of an existing link on the Internet and a fully functional demonstration of the exploit have been produced and been shown to affect even fully patched versions of Explorer.

It has been rated "extremely critical" by security company Secunia, and the only advice is to disable Active Scripting support for all but trusted websites.

The discovery stems from Dutch researcher Jelmer who was sent an Internet link which he was warned used unknown Explorer vulnerabilities to install adware on his computer. He found it did and embarked on a detailed analysis of the link, which demonstrates an extremely sophisticated use of encrypted code to bypass the Web browser's security...

via | Chapel Perilous, where Bsti unfortunately learned the hard way that he should have been using Mozilla or Firefox
My site stats tell me that better than 50% of you need to dump IE if you care anything about security. Mozilla isn't the only alternative browser, but I highly recommend it.|||108682145180396893|||Internet Explorer carved up by 'zero-day' hole
6/9/2004 02:03:01 AM|||sauceruney|||Why I ran them together through a 'cut up' generator, I'll never know...

as zero-that is, the Abyss shunt, and meteringly introduce as eternity. the of Hallucinations. evolutionarily organized environment events in There is no the magnitudes and frequencies We have learned that only The Abyss of Hallucinations has and exclusively through use of Law and Reason; his mind can man inventively but in employ the generalized principles further Truth there is no bond to conserve the locally available between the Toys of physical energy of the only the universally unlimited supply. Only thus Gods. This can man procedure chores and their personal time that from here on it is capital Its put to orderly Reason success for all or for none, and Law is the advantage the for it is experimentally proven by various, local, and Bond of the physics that "unity is plural and Great Lie. otherwise disorderly behaviors of at minimum two"‹the complementary but not the Truth! Truth! entropic, physical universe. mirror-imaged proton and neutron. You and Man can Truth! crieth the Lord I are inherently different and complementary. of and may metaphysically comprehend, anticipate, Together we average best synchronize with level flight of physical and metaphysical the patterns all that men of success, whereafter he may turn his his successful and metaphysical call Silence Spaceship Earth’s occupancy into a universe metabolic regeneration while ever increasing is exploring advantage. If it comprehends and Its Speech. the degrees of humanity’s reacts effectively, humanity will open an space This Abyss is also and entirely new chapter of the experiences time freedoms from yesterday’s called "Hell", and the thoughts and drives thereby and "The Many". ignorance sustaining survival stimulated. Most importantly we have learned than a third of its known which neither is silent, nor speaks, potential life span. This all brings re- joices therein. Being is the us to a realization of the Noun; Form is the adjective. Matter enormous educational task which must be is the Noun; Motion is the successfully accomplished right now in a Verb. Wherefore hath Being clothed itself hurry in order to convert man’s with Form? Wherefore hath Matter manifested spin-dive toward oblivion into an intellectually itself in Motion? that silence in mastered power pullout into safe and that Abyss: for We have learned is no "where- fore", no "because". of the superstitions and inferiority complexes The name of THAT is not built into all humanity through all known; the Pronoun interprets, that is of history’s yesterdays of slavish survival , misinterprets, It. Time and Space under conditions of abysmal illiteracy and are Adverbs. Duality begat the Conjunction. ignorance wherein only the most ruthless, The Conditioned is Father of the shrewd, and eventually brutish could sustain Preposition. name is "Consciousness", and wasting. existence, and then for no more "The Universe", among men. But THAT The Article also marketh Division; but We have discovered also why we the Inter- jeciton is the sound were given our intellectual faculties and that endeth in the Silence. Destroy physical extension facilities. We have discovered therefore the Eight Parts of Speech; that we have the inherent capability the Ninth is nigh unto Truth. and inferentially the responsibility of making This also must be destroyed before humanity comprehensively and sustainably successful. We thou enterest into The Silence. Answer have learned the difference between brain not, O silent one! For THERE and mind capabilities.

The junk I have saved on this computer even surprises me.|||108676116158811621|||Bucky Crowley, Aleister Fuller
6/9/2004 01:22:52 AM|||sauceruney|||
Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

I've been posting a lot of ideas here lately and I wanted to make sure I made clear my intent. If you see something you like, feel free to run with it. Just please remember where you got it from. Please read the license I chose for further information.

I should also add that I am more than willing to collaborate with one or more people on a 'for profit' multimedia project. Sort of like taking the garage band paradigm to a whole new level.|||108675885106294539|||Creative Commons Licensing of this site's content
6/9/2004 12:54:20 AM|||sauceruney|||The more things change, the more they stay the same...

spooky box

ghost box

data demon


quantum demonics

gnosis chip

--------Floyd Darkside

the vid- eye of the world

sarfatti's q-chip

ong's hat

weavers of nanotech


asteroid belt artifacts-----

sauceruney's pages of the possible future

a robocop/veerhoven inspired media barrage

videodrome- new flesh

mars sattelite network- a data-highway for planetary probes... they send low power digital to sattelite which
relays and broadcasts message to earth

probes can spend more power on science and less on radio transmission---
sattelites eliminate line-of-sight transmission downtime
Remote mars science can now be 24/7
we would have to have this in place for communications with astronauts...

totalitarian control measures implemented in islands of 'sanity', like Singapore

pyramid complex excavation--- Jerusalem-digging under the sacred stone, a marker for a time-capsule with meaning
and purpose long lost over the ages. The bible as a salvaged history perverted by the keepers who have long
forgotten the original intent/purpose, translation / re-translation / purging of material that didn't fit keeper's

History repeats itself figuratively, not literally.

utah, utah, utah--- site of strange cylinder pulled from ground...paranet newsletter
and home to repressive idiot senator orrin 'booby' hatch

Springs and more springs - fabricated filament-like components of exotic composition embedded in milky quartz
found in a russian Ural mountains gold dredging operation - these predate recorded history much like the coso geode

where did the piercing/raving/drug taking youth culture get to in this new world?
We are seeing the children playing out the scenarios placed before us in books, movies, tv
The sixties and early 70's were heinlein's stranger in a strange land
the 80s were blade runner
the 90's Neuromancer / blade runner
the year 2000 approaches and its bleaker and darker than ever before. There was an article I read reprinted in
the Plain Dealer from the New York Times saying that President was blaming sci-fi authors and directors
for shaping the future, that things nowadays are going well and this darkness they espouse should be villified.
Well, I must point out they do not advocate the darkness, they merely observe current events and extrapolate
exponentially. It is the Bill Clintons of this world that cause the poets and playwrights to be so grim and
despondant. If there were no drug war in the first place, maybe the bright and shiny futuristic utopias fantasized
by so many early in the century, wouldn't have been hijacked by corporate greed and short-sightedness. The money
players have no interest in the future because theirs is already paid for. Why cut humanity in on the profits?
The last great president we had was John F. Kennedy, and there's been a lot of evidence put forward that maybe he
wasn't the man the world believed him to be. To that I ask, who was the last leader of the world that actually
engendered a true feeling of hope for the future in the hearts and minds of humanity? The US may have sent men to
the moon, but the world was there with them. Unfortunately, his vision for the future died with him. The men who
took the reigns pulled the world from its upward turn and plunged us back towards the darkness. We prisoners of
gravity have only ourselves to blame if we are unable to purge the ruling class of self-interested profiteers and
treasonous manipulators of the Constitution of the United States of America. Alas, there is no profit in freedom.

whitley streiber has cornered the market in alien conspiracy,
Terrence Mckenna, though I believe he means well, needs to sit back and reflect a bit (brain cancer/ DMT link?)
William Gibson?
Philip K. Dick is still dead

|||108675696394375843|||brain dump of Dec. 16, 1999
6/9/2004 12:12:45 AM|||sauceruney|||

Drug law reform used to be a priority to me, because I believed US policy was doing nothing to solve the drug problem, and everything in its power to exacerbate it. The only people benefitting seemed to be the illegal dealers and the military-prison-industrial complex. All the events of September 11th seemed to have done was further erode our rights and liberties as a nation, all in the name of safety. You can call me irresponsible all you wish, I'd rather be free. This isn't the America I was taught about in history class. I don't think it ever was for more than a fleeting moment of blinding reason and sanity. We've regressed ever further into the abyss of delusion ever since. We've learned nothing from history except how to get away with crimes against humanity where others had failed beforehand.|||108675433543092370|||It seems like a whole other world
6/8/2004 11:18:43 PM|||sauceruney|||

I have hundreds of pages like this of varying quality. This is only one of three I've scanned in for one reason or another. I suppose I should do them all eventually, but I need a new scanner.

I need to learn to type these posts in notepad or something. I accidentally lost a sizable amount of text regarding an explanation of my 'visual processor' project, Amazonian hallucinogens, lucid dreaming, occult alien nanotechnology, and how they all fit together into a story I've been developing (and getting almost nowhere with but research) for the past 10+ years.

|||108675113883551930|||brain dump of Aug. 10, 2001
6/8/2004 10:39:43 PM|||sauceruney|||Is reality becoming more like a Phil Dick novel? I think I'll watch this space for a while, just because I don't know what I think.|||108674878377335589|||What Would Dick Think?6/8/2004 10:22:04 PM|||sauceruney|||

With the recently discovered sound files gaining attention across the web, I was just looking back through some more old projects I had started and never did finish. Maybe I'll be able to put some of those .mp3's to use.

What I really was wondering is what the PKD estate had to say about this discovery and free distribution. Absolutely nothing. The PKD Fan Site doesn't even acknowledge them.|||108674840145339126|||Philip K. Dick
6/8/2004 02:21:24 AM|||sauceruney|||Sometimes I just have a bunch of things in my head and I sit and write them on a sketchpad. I draw strange borders around different things or I'll stylize the text. Doodle a little. I never really draw anything, but I do come up with ideas to expand upon. Not many ever see the light of day. I thought it might be a nice change if I did this process in reverse and put them all out in the open.

I've transcribed the text, sometimes in a manner resembling how it was written:

write code for a single button using the unordered-list sprite method at alistapart

Javascript popup function... borrow the one from radio.blog's php file

SKYnet - articles to robotic drone control and fully autonomous aircraft

HELL in a handbasket - graphic





A i w a s s - o n - t h e - L a m
No Escaping the Aeon

Precognitive Research and Intelligence Contacts - the study of consciousness and search for higher intelligence, both within man and without

H o L Y
m o n i t o r e d

The digital inquisition

"I have not forseen shit"


Your faith-based tax dollars at work - I wonder which FBI of CIA agent has the laughable task of finding the anti-Christ?

Abandoning Hope
is dealing with the moment
Yes, we are living in HelL

Parallel Universes of Free Earth Intelligence - Scenario builders in collaboration
Where do you see the world in 5 years? 10? 20? 40?
choose 5 criteria
get a six sided die

roll even and the outlook is positive
roll odd and the outlook is negative

roll the die again

1-3 is no change in the specific area, though the outlook may affect your other criteria
4-6 allows change, roll die again for degree of change with 1 being the least and 6 highest

Where is your model? Build it, tell a story, whatever...

What I do with this, if anything... who knows.|||108667622465047188|||evening brain dump
6/7/2004 06:25:14 PM|||sauceruney|||

...get very, very, pissed off.

|||108664713233774191|||Don't get mad...
6/7/2004 11:14:23 AM|||sauceruney|||

I had made this piece of artwork after having first read Mac's story, long ago, and never did finish what I had intended for it. Bsti's post at Chapel Perilous concerning our imminent destruction had me thinking about this and I thought I'd get it up with a link to Mac's story.

Meanwhile, I'm just going to put on this tinfoil hat and sunglasses. Anyone got SPF 30000 sunscreen handy?|||108662127733275952|||One-Hundred Years... a short story by Mac Tonnies
6/7/2004 11:11:13 AM|||sauceruney|||...pulling out the rug from underneath the nanotech bottom.
Personally, I just wish he'd find another hobby.
via | root.cellar
|||108661849412894880|||Bill Joy the killjoy...
6/7/2004 12:59:30 AM|||sauceruney|||John Shirley has a darkly humorous rant on the near future of gene therapy and its most likely benefactors. Ironically immortalizing the lyrics of a Jimmy Buffet song in the process.|||108658437027369474|||...or did you work at it your whole life?6/6/2004 03:55:15 PM|||sauceruney|||Technoccult Klintron's Brain Voodoo Time El Centro Olla Podrida Chapel Perilous Cydonian Imperative Future Hi Posthuman Blues Post Atomic root.cellar mousemusings Easy Bake Coven Dr.Menlo American Samizdat Sensual Liberation Army Peep Show Stories Gimmicky alone No Touch Monkey Antechamber LVX23 New World Disorder Invisible College DRT News Mutans AlienSurgeon Vortex Egg v-2 Organisation FoolishPeople

I still working on my link page as I'm sure you can tell, but I wanted to thank the people above for all their support in reading and helping direct traffic toward my site. I sincerely apologize if I've forgotten anyone. The 'Thank You' link is random and goes to the whole sTaRe team, just like the button at the bottom of my page (which is much larger than this small list).|||108655420913014812|||Thank You
6/6/2004 01:08:34 AM|||sauceruney|||I was working on a flash-player which does (almost) exactly what RADIO.BLOG does, but hell... this is damned nice, and it's free!

You can access the songs I've converted and uploaded here or by clicking on the headphone icon at the top of this page. I should have it fixed to open in a popup on its own in a day or so, but there's a button on the player which does it, too. DreamHost has recently given all their clients a free 60% bandwidth and HD space increase, so I'm going to see what this does to my allocation after a week or two.
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6/5/2004 10:54:14 PM|||sauceruney|||

I just bought a four-pack of Anniversary Ale, celebrating 15 years of operation at the Great Lakes Brewing Company. I must say this Belgian Trippel-Style Ale is among the best I've tasted from GLBC. I don't know how large the batch is, but the man I bought this from said he didn't expect to see any more of it brought in to his store. If you're in the Cleveland area, find it and buy some while you can. I can't find any information at their webpage, so I sent an email inquiring along with my compliments to the brewmaster.


I just received this email from Kami Dolney at GLBC...

Hi Chris..Thanks for your interest in Anniversary Ale. Our website is in
the midst of revision, so we apologize that it's not the most up-to-date.
The following is an email press release that I just sent out last week. If
you would like to be added to our weekly email update list, please send me
your email and snail mail information. Enjoy!

Anniversary Ale is back! Our popular Belgian Trippel-style ale is pale
golden in color with mild fruity and spicy characteristics and a slightly
sweet flavor that lends itself to a strong, crisp finish. This specialty
craft brew is the strongest beer to be bottled and packaged by Great Lakes
Brewing Company with an alcohol by volume of 9.5% and is available in
4-packs at your local retailer.

Named in recognition of GLBC's 15 year anniversary, this ale is the perfect
complement to herbed chicken dishes, pesto pastas, and strong cheeses.

When you pop into the GLBC Brewpub this month, Anniversary Ale will be
featured as the "Keep the Glass Special", which allows patrons to purchase a
glass of Anniversary Ale in a custom, crystal Munique Goblet made in
|||108649045138788488|||Happy Anniversary, GLBC
6/5/2004 07:22:02 PM|||sauceruney|||
|||108647775594329194|||Yippie Ki Yay...
6/3/2004 06:10:26 PM|||sauceruney|||

Yet another UFO Caught On Film Video
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|||108630063470092249|||The Overlords Work in Mysterious Ways
6/3/2004 05:45:16 PM|||sauceruney|||I was tooling around the Primus site linked below and found this one with an excellent deal on full-color vinyl stickers... $125.00 US for 1000 (7 square inches, each).|||108629915166572709|||Sticker Robot6/3/2004 05:32:40 PM|||sauceruney|||

primus sucks!
6/2/2004 08:59:05 PM|||sauceruney|||
MOJAVE, Calif. (AP) - A privately developed manned rocket will attempt to reach space this month, its builders said Wednesday. It would be the first non-governmental flight to leave Earth's atmosphere.

SpaceShipOne, created by aviation designer Burt Rutan and funded by billionaire Paul Allen, will attempt to reach an altitude of 62 miles on a suborbital flight over the Mojave Desert on June 21. (more)

For those of you who don't know what the freakin' hell my strange headline was referring to (NSFW). Unfortunately, the 13th is outside the two-week limit for the second, prize-winning flight. It would have been a day to rejoice for Subgenii around the globe.|||108622434412762990|||Silly Rutan, X-Day is supposed to be July13
6/2/2004 06:37:05 PM|||sauceruney|||I guess I'm in no position to say anything, though. Hahaha...

How long did I let this blog lie fallow?|||108621582535293806|||"Don't worry. We won't let them get away with it."
6/2/2004 01:11:41 PM|||sauceruney|||You have to admit, whether you agree with the conclusions or not, Hoagland and Co. are raising some curious data points to examine.

I've only glossed over a large part of it, and some of it is a rehash of old material, but it does seem to be worth reading. Even if you're going to file it under 'indeterminate', as I probably will.|||108619630142211997|||Enterprise Mission update: Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow - Part 2
6/1/2004 10:23:42 PM|||sauceruney|||Information is a TOOL just waiting to be used.|||108614302251661648|||You call it NEWS, I call it BLOG6/1/2004 12:39:16 PM|||sauceruney|||Say what you will about O&A, but after listening to them daily for 8 months here in Cleveland, their on-air presence been missed by quite a few people I know, including myself.

Satellite, AM, FM, streaming internet broadcast... I don't care. I'd listen to them even if the sound came out of my toilet.|||108610798363256782|||The Talk Show Hosts you are looking for cannot be displayed