6/27/2002 07:07:39 PM|||sauceruney|||SETI's senior astronomer assumes that radio waves are the fastest means humanity currently has of reaching the stars, but given advances in our understanding of consciousness and quantum mechanics, I'd like to assert the possibility of more esoteric means.

6/12/2002 12:25:18 PM|||sauceruney|||

George, who also joined the panel, has just published a book about his father's involvement with Project Orion, a scuppered, secretive American plan to send a large manned spaceship powered by small nuclear bombs to Saturn or Jupiter by 1970.

Freeman said that another legendary physicist, Richard Feynman, also knew about Project Orion, which was being planned in the 1950s and 1960s by NASA, the U.S. government and other agencies. "Feynman knew about this and was quite excited but wasn't really interested" in getting involved himself, Freeman said.

George Dyson said there was little chance of Project Orion being revived, but added that it might be considered as a part of an international plan to defend Earth from incoming asteroids.

"There might be an Orion ship under international control that could wait out in deep space and be called upon," he said. "It could very quickly go out somewhere and give something a little nudge."

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