4/25/2002 12:43:37 PM|||sauceruney|||SkyNet: Either someone in the military is a big James Cameron fan, or they have a sick sense of humor.|||75813349|||4/22/2002 12:06:57 PM|||sauceruney|||We Die Young|||75689533|||4/20/2002 08:39:44 AM|||sauceruney|||Kaliber10000 is back! A happy 420 to all.|||75617603|||4/19/2002 09:34:30 PM|||sauceruney|||Strategic Competitor provides links to articles representing many viewpoints in regard to world affairs post 9/11. The fact that it's meticulously created with Macromedia Flash makes it stand out even more.

Alex Burns at Disinfo.com writes a review of the PKD documentary, The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick. While you're there, don't forget to take the quiz and see if Everything You Know Is Wrong (I only got 18 right).

4/17/2002 04:55:27 PM|||sauceruney|||
"We are still within the narrow circle of knowledge covered by our sense-experience. Space and time do not widen that circle; neither do the categories. The knowledge, therefore, which we acquire by the understanding is confined to the appearances of things, and does not extend to the noumenal reality, the Ding an sich."

Ebon Fisher's Media Organisms

After reading Russ Kick's alternewswire, you may find yourself asking, Drudge who?

Finally, a nanotech product that we can actually use...superglue (thanks to Boing Boing for the link) and Kurt Jonach,The ElectricWarrior, keeps up to date on the alleged incidents of human cloning, among other items of pertinent interest.|||75518532|||
4/15/2002 09:48:39 PM|||sauceruney|||The incredible work of Patrick O'Brien. A broadband connection is recommended.

If anyone's interested, I've contributed artwork to all 4 issues of FWISzine, a collaboration of work by the denizens of Newstoday.|||75445825|||
4/15/2002 09:28:07 PM|||sauceruney|||Douglas Rushkoff has a new website and a blog, Robert Anton Wilson hasn't updated in a while, and Alex Burns at Disinfo.com seems to be slacking...

Yeah, like I'm one to talk about slacking :-)|||75445074|||
4/15/2002 01:31:05 AM|||sauceruney|||A vision of the future:Infrasound is a beautiful, cinematic Flash animation put together by Crankbunny, with a superb, ambient soundtrack by Mogwai... if you don't have broadband, they'll mail you a CD!|||75413259|||4/14/2002 05:23:07 PM|||sauceruney|||MKZDK is updating... Looking forward to seeing what the swĺrm being has in store!

4/12/2002 11:15:07 PM|||sauceruney|||THEMIS image of the Mars "face" released today. Whatever may be said to the contrary, I don't see what makes them so sure at the moment. I really get a kick out of these "so-called" scientists, as it looks like they need a few lessons in e-prime. Where can there be room for "is" in science based on remote sensing?

What appears to be "eye" detail, right where one should be if it were a humanoid face, keeps this going in my mind. Check out the full resolution .gif in detail with Photoshop, and then tell me I'm crazy...

Be sure to check out science fiction author, Mac Tonnies' web log,The Cydonian Imperative for further information and relevant links.|||75348488|||
4/12/2002 01:38:34 AM|||sauceruney|||The Fixor has proven to be an indispensable web development resource... and the font/mood of the day is hieronymous boschian.|||75315351|||4/12/2002 01:09:18 AM|||sauceruney|||Advanced Digital Communications:

If anyone can tell me who they really are, and what they're doing diving off the coast of Cuba, I'd really like to know.

In fact, I just found someone in Vancouver who's been wondering the same thing...
since JUNE of 2001:

The weirdness comes home. ADC is described by Reuters as a British Columbia-based company." Where in B.C. was not specified, and neither Moulton nor my own probings have turned up phone or office numbers for Zelitsky or ADC anywhere in the province. (Weird, indeed.) However, organizations from the U.S. National Geographic Society to the Cuban government have confirmed that these people and the project do indeed exist. And hey, they’re on Art Bell’s show, so it must be true.

4/10/2002 10:40:08 PM|||sauceruney|||So kill me... Updated almost nothing today, but at least those little buttons lead somewhere now and the annoying kaleidoscope animation is GONE.
If I said more was coming soon, would you believe me? Didn't think so ;-)

Thanks to 13thParallel and Bubblebathgirl for the links.|||75270188|||